Expatriate Homes (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is a company licensed by the Government of Malaysia to welcome expatriates in making Malaysia their chosen home. Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is designed to assist expatriates in obtaining legal residency in Malaysia as hassle free as possible – ensuring a fitted and ideal lifestyle in exotic Malaysia as their retirement paradise.


Expatriate Homes is an all-in-one solution – specially designed and dedicated to professionally handle application process for residency under MM2H. Running tirelessly to ensure that application for residency and relocation to Malaysia is successful, efficient, and stress-free, the team at Expatriate Homes is ever ready to: 1. professionally advice on the latest rules and regulations for the application procedures and required supporting documents 2. assist in preparation and compiling of documents in the whole progress of the application 3. consult the applicants in setting up the necessary bank accounts 4. arrange the necessary medical examinations 5. submit application form and required documents to the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia. 6. follow up and update on the application status (approved, decline or pending) 7. assist in the entire document endorsement process upon the approval being granted by the authorities 8. arrange for the transportation and accommodation for the applicants upon the arrival in Malaysia 9. assist applicants to the Immigration Department for visa fee payment


1. housing property purchase 2. car importation and purchase of locally-assembled car 3. children schooling 4. foreign housemaid 5. part time work 6. business set up