Malaysia is the jewel of South-East Asia, one of the region’s most exotic and prosperous nations – a colourful country filled with cultures, adventures, ethnicities, and breath-taking landscapes. Embedded with rich tradition and history, this equatorial nation is proud of her people, and her diversity. And with no natural calamities, Malaysia is simply – paradise.

West Malaysia is situated in the Peninsular of Malaysia, consisting of 11 states. And in the east, 2 more states stretch across the northern coasts of the big island of Borneo. Together, all 13 states reflect the true essence of this nation, and at the same time, exhibit a unique character and beauty respectively.

Malaysia is undoubtedly a melting pot of multi-racial and multi-cultural population of mainly Malays, Chinese, and Indians, along with other various ethnic groups – living harmoniously, further enriching and fostering the notion of One Malaysia. And with such wealth of multiculturalism and international acknowledgment, Malaysia is also home to hundreds of colourful festivals and global events.

As one of Asia’s top destinations for visitors and expatriates, the national language Bahasa Melayu is commonly picked up by foreign tongues. Nonetheless, English is widely spoken and understood, and is taught as the nation’s second language. As a commonwealth nation of multi ethnicities, the locals also converse and are fluent in a range of Chinese and Indian dialects – making it typical for a Malaysian to be bilingual and more.

Another noted reputation of this enticing nation is its food – a variety of interesting local delights of hawker food to exquisite cuisines, rich gourmet to fine dining. With the influence of different spices and cooking techniques of various ethnicities, Malaysia has created a distinguished flavour that is unique to this region and loved by all – across cultures and borders of the world.

From the midst of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak of South East Asia in Borneo, and the crystal clear waters of sandy white beaches to the F1 circuit in Sepang – the national rainforests of millions of years, and precious habitats of exotic creatures to the Twin Towers of the Capital – and through its warm and friendly people, along with cultures and aspirations; Malaysia truly speaks for itself – a nation with nostalgic experiences with a twist of modern touches.